Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Pain is a very common condition, which is often ignored by patients as they end up “just putting up with it”! Crucially, there are some excellent treatments available and these can be explored during your consultation with Professor Shergill, to see which one may benefit you.

Whilst most of the time there is no serious underlying cause found for pelvic pain, during your consultation and assessment, Professor Shergill will try to exclude or establish an underlying cause. If the pain seems to be associated with bladder or urethra, a cystoscopy (camera inspection of the waterpipe and bladder with a tiny camera) will be recommended. If there is associated tummy trouble, or female problems (in ladies) an ultrasound scan or CT scan sometimes may be needed.

If the assessment and investigations have excluded an underlying cause, then the focus of treatment will be with simple medications and sometimes treatments into the bladder, as an outpatient procedure. These are all very well tolerated and generally will improve your quality of life.