Raised PSA (Prostate Blood Test) & Suspected Prostate Cancer

Many men have an abnormal blood test (PSA) or examination by their GP where a suspicion of prostate cancer may be present. This is very common problem in men, and it is important to make the right choice to seek further investigation, as it may allow early diagnosis of prostate cancer, allowing curative treatment. Alternatively, with access to modern forms of diagnostic tests in North Wales and Cheshire, a very accurate diagnosis of prostate cancer may be made, or confidently excluded.

Professor Shergill will see you, take a full clinical history, and then perform a physical examination. This involves feeling the prostate, via back passage. This is one of commonest examinations performed by all doctors, usually takes less than a minute, is relatively painless and could save your life! Subsequently, if there is a risk or suspicion that there may be prostate cancer present (based on PSA test or examination), Professor Shergill will offer a special Multiparametric MRI scan (MP-MRI).

Crucially, the MP-MRI is a non-invasive test which reduces the need for invasive biopsies and radically improves the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis. Should the scan show any abnormality, Professor Shergill will discuss different ways of analysing the suspicious areas. More importantly, if the scan returns back as negative, no biopsy is required.

If subsequently, prostate cancer is diagnosed, Professor Shergill will confidently advise on possible treatment options, as the investigations carried out, will have characterised the prostate with a very high degree of precision and accuracy.