Why “Go Private”?

What are the benefits of private care?

I look after patient’s in the NHS as well a privately, and as time has gone by I have noticed many more patients are asking about private care and whether they should consult with me privately or through the NHS.

There are two ways of being seen privately. Firstly you may have your own health insurance, or secondly you may decide to pay for your own private treatment – in which case you may be surprised at how affordable private care actually is.

Need A Consultation? Have Questions?

There are of course many advantages to being seen privately.

Firstly you get to be seen without delay – I can usually see patients within the week and sometimes the same day if required. As we all know the NHS is under tremendous pressure and it can take many weeks for a routine NHS appointment date.

Secondly you get to see the consultant of your choice: not all surgeons offer the full range of treatments that I do for urology problems, and privately of course you are guaranteed to see me personally and not a trainess surgeon or medical student as you might in the NHS.

Thirdly as a private patient then your consultations and any treatment you need is organised according to your convenience, and there is no delay in receiving the treatment you need, which happens far more often than we would like in the NHS.